ImPro – Advanced image processing technology

The image processing technology in Impro is completely written and optimized by Daily Opt expert. ImPro is free but it delivers a completely different experience and efficiency from most of the existing software on the market today. ImPro is powerful, easy and flexible to use for all intents and purposes. We provide video and image … Continue reading ImPro – Advanced image processing technology

What are Daily Opt products?

With the advantages of both scientific approach and practical experience, we aim to provide our customers with Decision Support Software for simplifying their optimization problems. We believe that our optimization software could help the decision-makers achieve dramatically better results than the manual approaches based on experiences. Our decision support software solve complex optimization problems with simple solutions … Continue reading What are Daily Opt products?

Optimization market in Vietnam and Daily Opt solutions

Vietnam is a huge potential market where you can find the needs of optimization in every corner. From logistics, hospitals, textile to agriculture and tourism, applying optimization in practice is still underrated (see our analysis in Vietnamese for more details). However, if we have a look at the human resources in optimization, the picture is very … Continue reading Optimization market in Vietnam and Daily Opt solutions