Daily Opt and optimization


Daily Opt was founded by optimization experts with years of experience not only in optimization but also in software development. Our objective is to face challenges and develop high-quality optimization software. Our view is that optimization is a powerful framework for solving complex problems in various industrial areas. We target Vietnamese industries but also serve clients all over the world.

Nowadays, information technology and software strongly dominate every market in the world. However, final decisions should always belong to human. The reason is quite simple: software cannot be responsible as human do.

In every life situation, we have to take the right choices and/or decisions. With the advantages of both scientific approach and practical experience, we aim to provide our customers with Decision Support Software for simplifying their optimization problems. We believe that our optimization software could help the decision-makers achieve dramatically better results than the manual approaches based on experiences.

Our decision support software solves complex optimization problems with simple solutions and are designed with the following criteria:

  • Compact, no installation required
  • Easy to use (do not require IT skills or IT department to be able to operate)
  • Ease of integration
  • Visually